Periodically, Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter may advise supplementary tests and procedures in order to obtain important information regarding the health of your eyes. Sometimes these tests may be requested by other health care providers or organizations such as the Ministry of Transportation or places of employment.

Digital Retinal Photography

Photographs taken of the inside of the eye allow Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter to document what the inside of your eye looks like, but also helps detect subtle changes in the health of the eyes. Both Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter recommend baseline photographs for all patients and will recommend updated photos periodically.

Visual Field Testing

A visual field test allows Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter to “map out” the area of vision that you actually see. Most patients will not require visual field testing, but regular visual field tests are often crucial in monitoring certain diseases. They are also used to determine if certain medications and/or injuries have affected vision. Sometimes visual field tests may be required to fulfill a job requirement or may be requested by the Ministry of Transportation.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

An OCT scan provides Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter with detailed information about the individual retinal layers of the eye as well as the optic nerve. OCT scans may be advised for patients who have certain diseases, are on specific medications, have reduced vision, or have an increased risk for certain diseases.