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Routine Eye Exams

An examination will determine if your visual system is healthy and functional; whether the eye muscles are working and balanced so that the eyes work together; whether both eyes work equally well, and whether the focus is perfect or just good enough. A full annual examination is recommended for… Learn more >>

Pediatric Eye Care

You don’t have to be a pediatric optometrist to know: good vision plays a HUGE role in ensuring that children achieve their greatest potential! Children under the age of 20 years old are covered by OHIP to have one full eye examination per year. Learn more >>

Glasses Sales & Repairs

There are so many frame and lens options out there, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting exactly what you need. Our experienced team of staff will help you select a frame that looks great on you but that also fits well. We like to take the time to understand your specific vision needs and take precise measurements so that we can select the best lens options for you.  Learn more>>

Emergency Eye Care

There are many reasons why you might need an urgent care office visit. Whether you’ve got something in your eye, redness, soreness, stinging, itching, allergy attack, infection, or a lost contact lens; we can usually get you seen in short order. Some of these visits will be covered by OHIP, and others won’t. Dr. Koria can prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs as needed. Learn more>>

Contact Lenses

Whether it’s daily wear spherical lenses that you need, or torics, or multifocals, or extended wear, or gas permeable rigid, or Advanced Orthokeratology, or scleral lenses, we can counsel you on the possibilities, and the appropriateness of a certain lens for your situation. If you do get contacts at an optical store, you still need to have a Doctor check them to be sure they are not harming the tissues of the eye. Dr. Ginter & Dr. Koria can give you better advice regarding the selection of contacts because they have a thorough understanding of your eyes and visual system.  Learn more>>

Lasik & PRK Co-management

Laser-based corneal refractive surgery continues to develop and improve. Please ask us about the possibility of having LASIK, PRK, or one of the other derivatives following an examination. Learn more>>

Cataracts Consultation

Dr. Ginter and Dr. Koria will arrange a surgical consult for cataracts when indicated, and will do post-operative checkups and refraction. Cataract surgery is an area that has seen tremendous improvement over the years. Most of us have heard negative stories about someone’s grandparent losing their sight as a result of cataract surgery. Well, that just doesn’t happen any more, or at least it’s very rare. Learn more>>

Diabetes Monitoring

Many diabetic people have lost their vision due to diabetic retinopathy, in which the retinal blood vessels leak, and fluid can accumulate in the macula. It is essential that diabetics have a Dilated Fundus Examination at least once a year. Dr. Ginter and Dr. Koria can monitor the retina for any sign of problems, keep a photographic record of the retinal appearance with our Fundus Camera, and if necessary, arrange for ophthalmological care with a retinal surgeon. Learn more>>

Glaucoma Management

Dr. Koria is licensed for the use of therapeutic drugs, and therefore can manage glaucoma. She will monitor the appearance of the optic nerve head for glaucomatous changes, prescribe medication for controlling the intra-ocular pressure (IOP), and check for glaucoma related retinal damage by doing a visual field test on our in-house Humphrey Field Analyzer. Learn more>>

Macular Degeneration Monitoring

As life spans increase, and more people live to a “ripe old age”, the incidence of age-related degenerative conditions is bound to increase as well. Learn more>>

Supplementary Procedures

Periodically, Dr. Koria & Dr. Ginter may advise Digital Retinal Photography, Visual Field Testing and/or OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) in order to obtain important information regarding the health of your eyes. Sometimes these tests may be requested by other health care providers or organizations such as the Ministry of Transportation or places of employment.

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